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Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to order a wing tip floodbar
What is the proper length for my squeegee holder or floodbar
Installation Instructions & Technical Sheets
Air Switch Instructions
Conveyor Belt Installation
Heating Element Replacements
Infrared-Finstrip Installation Instructions
Joystick Squeegee Holder Installation and Operation
Pallet Rubber
Rubber Blankets
PLC Battery - Installation: English  Spanish | Reprogramming: English  Spanish
PLC FP-X - Adjusting & Programming: English 
Squegee "Belt Sharpeners" Belt Chart Sizes
U. V. Lamp Handling and Installation
Maintenance & Repair
Mesh Conveyor Belt Tears
Mesh Conveyor Belt Troubleshooting
Motor Brushes

What is the proper length for my squeegee holder or floodbar?
The squeegee holder and floodbar should be ordered two inches (2") larger then the image to be printed. The floodbar should be the same size as the squeegee holder.
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How to order a wing tip floodbar:
Wing Tip Flood Bar Ordering Diagram
When ordering ,the length of the wing tip floodbar should be from crease to crease. It will not include the wings. You will need to allow for up to 2-3/4" of space in your frame, on each side of your floodbar.
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Manufacturer Sharpening Belt Size Chart
A.W.T. Squeegee Sharpener Model Belt Width Belt Length
USS-48 4" (10.16cm) 120" (304.8 cm)
USS-60 4" (10.16cm) 144" (365.76 cm)
USS-88 4" (10.16cm) 198" (502.92 cm)
USS-120 4" (10.16cm) 252" (640.1 cm)
USS-148 4" (10.16cm) 325" (826 cm)
American Squeegee Sharpener Model Belt Width Belt Length
Super 36 4" (10.16cm) 96" (243.84cm)
Super 48 4" (10.16cm) 120" (304.8 cm)
Super 60 4" (10.16cm) 144" (365.76 cm)
Super 88 4" (10.16cm) 198" (502.92 cm)
Super 100 4" (10.16cm) 212" (538.48 cm)
Super 148 4" (10.16cm) 320" (812.8 cm)
M&M Squeegee Sharpener Model Belt Width Belt Length
SS2-36 4" (10.16cm) 84" (213.4 cm)
SS2-60 4" (10.16cm) 132" (335.3 cm)
SS2-96 4" (10.16cm) 204" (518.2 cm)
SS2-120 4" (10.16cm) 252" (640.1 cm)
SS2-144 4" (10.16cm) 300" (762 cm)
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