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Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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Quartz Heaters for A.W.T.
Quartz heater applications consist of screen printing, laminating, shrink packing, preheating, drying, sealing, thawing, space heaters, textiles, food warming. More sizes are available. When ordering be sure to specify the overall length, heated length, glass length, type of ends, type of connection, voltage, and wattage. Standard Quartz heaters, also called lamps or tubes, have a very fast response time of 80% within 15 seconds 100% in 30 seconds. Cooling time is the same response. These heaters are quiet, cool, and emit no glare. Quartz heaters emit infrared energy, which is most easily absorbed by a mass and converted to heat. The energy goes directly into the product. Quartz glass is resistant to corrosion.

Item Length Lamps Volts Lamp Watts

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GAO-QRZ2208 22" 120 V 1200 W

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GAO-QRZ2216 22" 200 V 1300 W

GAO-QRZ24Q12 24-1/2" 110 V 1000 W

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GAO-QRZ0001 26" 120 V 1000 W

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GAO-QRZ4801A 48" 120 V 1200 W

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GAO-QRZ4802A 48" 208 V 1200 W

GAO-QRZ48027A 48" 230 V 1200 W

GAO-QRZ6022A 60" 220 V 1200 W

GAO-QRZ72022A 72" 220 V 1400 W

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