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Definite Purpose Contactors - Industrial Rated
Definite Purpose Contactors

For light to moderate motor loads, save money by using a definite purpose contactor. These are designed for specific applications. Sized precisely to the known load. Rated to 600 V AC, contactors are ideal for heating, refrigeration, machines, and fan loads
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GPI53606A A132591 Contactor 50A 120V 3 Pole

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GPI536055A A132592 Contactor 50A 240V 3 Pole w/ AC Coil

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GPI136039A A100277 Contactor 40A 2 Pole 120V w/AC Coil

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GPI2406CTR LXID4U6 Contactor AC 240V 60Hz Coil

GPI3020BCTR KI-09D10110 Contactor 20A 3 Pole 115V mini

GPI3020B2CTR KI-09D220VA Contactor 20A 3 Pole 220V Coil 50/60Hz

GPI30503CTR CA3-2310-230NO Contactor Din Rail 40A 230V 1 N/O Aux 3 Pole

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GPI30504CTR CA3-2310-120NO Contactor Din Rail 40A 120V 1 N/O Aux 3 Pole

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GPI30505CTR CA3-37-230-NO Contactor No Din Rail 1 N/O + 1 N/C Aux 230V

GPI30506CTR CA3-37-120-NO Contactor AC 1-N/O + 1 N/C Aux 120V 50A

GPI3080ACTR FC-50V-AC120 Contactor 3 Ph 80A Resistive/52A Induct

GPI30901CTR K260A00120HN01 Contactor 2 Pole 90A 120V with 1N/O Aux

GPICTR3120C Contactor 3 Pole 130 Amp

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