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Registration Sleeves
Registration Sleeves GPI makes the guiding and movement of your square registration and or lift pins easy with a non-stick Teflon slide sleeve. The square opening is 3/8 " x 3/8 " and can be used with any square material, steel, aluminum or other, manufactured by GPI or your own. Guide sleeves can be mounted and inserted into any table or hole as sizes shown. Other lengths are available as "special order".
Registration Sleeves Registration Sleeves
Item Sleeve Type Height

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06950005GAO Registration 1-1/8 "

08250002GAO Registration 1-11/16 "

02450012GAO Registration 2-3/8 "

04250003GAO Registration 3-3/8 "

06950003GAO Lift 1-1/8 "

0445005GAO Lift 2-9/32 "

04250002GAO Lift 3-3/16 "