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Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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GPIís thermostats are of the highest quality. The contacts are opened and closed through heat expansion. This method reduces the number of moving parts and greatly increases the life of the thermostat. These units work for all temperature ready applications.

Installation Note: During installation, make sure the thermostatís heat sensitive base plate is in full contact with the heated surface for proper operation.

Item Temperature Range (Fahrenheit) Add to Cart
GA1-546441 0º-140º Qty ea
GA1-576313 0º-150º Qty ea
GAO-TST1901 0º-190º Qty EA
GA1-5660551 0º-200º Qty ea
GA1-586058 0º-250º Qty ea
GA1-5860581 0º-300º Qty ea
GPITST3503 0º-350º Qty EA
GPIB200 500º-575º Qty EA