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Replacement Parts and Remanufacturing Services for Screen Printer
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 Blanket: A.W.T. Equipment
 Blanket: Amergraph Equipment
 Blanket: American Equipment
 Blanket: Douthitt Corp
 Blanket: Harco Graphics
 Blanket: Kippax, England
 Blanket: Lawson
 Blanket: Milikan
 Blanket: National Screen Printing Equip
 Blanket: Nuarc / M&R
 Blanket: Richmond Graphics
 Blanket: Vastex International
 Blanket: VNH Industries
 Blanket: Work Horse Equipment
 OTHER: All other mfrs. blankets are manufactured by G.P.I.
Rubber Blanket Repair Kit
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Rubber Blanket Repair Kits: Call 1-773-725-4900
Replacement flexible rubber blankets and components manufactured by G.P.I. fit all types of screen printing and graphic arts exposing units. Non-porous UV-inhibited "live" rubber replacement rubber has been used successfully in the manufacturing of these blankets for over twenty years.

It is flexible enough to fully surround the screen frame, including the inside well area, and achieve perfect contact between positive and negative and fabric or film surface - yet it's tough enough to resist sharp edges from penetrating its surface. The rubber return to its original shape after each use.

Available in standard and special sizes along with beading, adhesive and a selection of valves.