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Red Polyethylene Tape for Vacuum Tables and Frames
Red Polyethylene Tape

For protection and Easy Removal . . .
The wider rolls of red polyethylene tape is excellent for use to “seal” and “protect” your vacuum tables. Use G.P.I.’s tape in replacement of masking tape and other similar types. G.P.I.’s red tape is very easy to remove and does not “bind itself" to your table. Save set-up and clean-up time with use of this tape.

Red polyethylene tape offers many benefits:

  • Protect the surface of vacuum tables
  • “Block out” holes in your vacuum table to improve air flow hold down of the sheets you’re printing on
  • Quick set-up and clean-up time
  • Easy to remove

Red polyethylene tape is ideal for many applications beyond vacuum tables. It is a great tape to finish off the outside of your frames after exposure and applying blockout. It stops inks from creeping into wood frames and from embedding itself into the mesh - making it easy to remove inks. The same benefits apply if you also use this tape in the inside well of your frame.

G.P.I.’s Red tape is solvent and water resistant and easy to remove for reclaiming.

Tape is sold per roll.

Item Length Rolls per Case Add to Cart
2" x 10 yds

2" x 36 yds

3" x 36 yds

4", 6" & 7" width rolls (or others) are available with special order