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Conveyor Belts
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Fiberlon ™

Constructed from Teflon* coated fiberglass. The optimum amount of Teflon resin along with very high quality woven fiberglass fabric give these belts their excellent characteristics. Resistant to chemicals and heat up to 500� F (287� C), dimensionally very stable, allowing maximum air flow for even drying.�Available in Tan or Black** with widths up to 120" (305 cm).
Standard Features:
  • Double Sewn Edges
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Excellent Tracking
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Standard Alligator Lacing
  • High Quality Edge Reinforcements
  • Industry's Heaviest Teflon Coating For Handling Sharp Materials
  • Temperature Resistance Up To 500oF (287oC)
  • All GPI Belts come with 5 mm Tear and Crease Resistant Edges
* Teflon is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Co. 
  Fiberlon is a Trademarks of A.W.T. / G.P.I.

**Black Belts are U.V. Resistant Coated which extends the life of the belt.   Independent studies show that belts coated with U.V. Black retain a greater percentage of tensile strength than the conventional Tan.  This coating is only available on FiberlonTM belts.
Troubleshooting Your Conveyor Belt

Lacing Ripping Off

Belt Tearing Right Behind Bullnose

Splice Marking Product or wearing on Pulleys

Belt Won't Track

Product sticking to Belt

Belt Lacing Ripping Off
  Cause: Improper break in procedure and over tensioning.
  Solution: Reduce tension and check squareness of belt and follow proper break in procedure.

Belt Tearing Right Behind Bullnose
  Cause: Too rigid of a splice for pulley diameter .
  Solution: Reduced bullnose or different splice (i.e softseal splice reinforced with kevlar).

Splice Marking Product or wearing on Pulleys
  Cause: Soft product and natural wear and tear.
  Solution: Flapover lacing (Top, bottom, or both).

Belt Won't Track
  Cause: Machine or belt misalignment.
  Solution: Determine whether it is machine or belt. If belt is tracking to right or left flip belt over so that the bottom of the belt is now the top of the belt. If the belt tracks off to the same side, the machine is misaligned. If it tracks off to the other side, the belt is out of square. Realign the machine, have a new belt made, or install a tracking device. Most likely the belt was over tightened during installation.

Product sticking to Belt
Too high of a temperature, cure cycle not long enough, not enough ptfe on the belt to perform
  Solution: Reduce the temperature and travel speed or replace the belt.